Top 7 Best CB Antenna For 18 Wheeler –Amazing Guide 2021

Best CB Antenna For 18 Wheeler

Driving must be fun when it is with family but being a truck driver you might have to load freight from lands to mountains and one place to another, it must be difficult when you are driving alone and can’t get to communicate with anyone.

Your mobile signals are out of the range and you need to get some information about the area, the path, speed, and forecast or you just want to listen to the radio channels and enjoy your journey. The best CB antenna for semi truck not only provide you entertainment but also keeps you alert at the same time.

In all those cases CB(citizens band) radio antenna is not more than a blessing to you. If you want to get connected to the world even when you are far away from public sectors. Semi truck antenna come in different ranges and sizes, able to catch different frequencies.

There are approximately 40 CB channels of different frequencies. Some channels are open to everyone, some channels are for specific purposes and some are for queries of truck drivers for regional roads. Some channels are just for entertainment that you can tune in and enjoy the ride.

 The best CB base antenna having big size provides better quality and can match with frequency from long distances than a low profile cb antenna.

How does a CB radio work along with the best semi truck antenna:

CB radio which is called Citizen Band works on a two-way principle. It captures radio frequency signals by CB receiver and then converts them into electrical signals and the transmitter then converts coming electrical signals into radio frequency signals which are then broadcast to another CB radio station.

For better communication, you will need a better CB antenna that helps to transfer  your commands accurately and in a precise manner. Now when you have so many options, what should be the exact  factors that make a CB antenna the best cb antenna for 18 wheeler.

Buying Guide for best cb antenna for 18 wheeler:

There are several features that make a CB antenna the best cb antenna for 18 wheeler. Features like Quality, performance, structure, and the distance or band width over which it makes communication. But still confused about what are the exact features that would make a CB antenna the best cb antenna for 18 wheeler.

We are here to solve your questions and doubts and at the end of the article, you would be sure about buying a perfect CB antenna according to your needs.

So to save you from all these troubles we have gathered enough vital information that will fulfill all of your requirements in order to save your money, time, and efforts.

1- Energy source:

The energy can be supplied to the CB Radio antennas via battery or via electricity. They prove to be very handy and lightweight that can be easily induced in your semi-trucks, the ones that are battery operated are very easy to use. If you have a great battery life then what else do you need. You just need a battery and your best companion is ready to give you company throughout your journey. You can easily replace batteries with new ones and it can easily be removed and installed.

The corded antennas need a continuous supply of energy for which you need proper assistance and then connect to your favorite channel wherever and whenever you want.

2- Size of the best cb antenna for 18 wheeler:

The size is a very important factor that you should keep in mind before buying a CB antenna. Small size antennas are portable and easy to carry but their range is limited according to their size and if you are going over long distances then large sized antennas are a preference. But on poorly built or unpaved roads or in case of bad weather conditions, large antennas are at more risk of damage than small antennas due to agitation . Choose the right one according to your own preferences.

3- Quality of best cb antenna for 18 wheeler:

The quality of an antenna varies according to the purpose you are buying it for. If you just wanna listen to the radio stations and or weather forecasts then any antenna that is good at capturing signals will work for you. But if you are buying it for proper communication then a more advanced kind of antenna is suggested.

4- Price of the best cb antenna for 18 wheeler:

The more durable, long-lasting, and qualified the product is, the price would be according to it. If you are buying a product on the basis of low price without knowing its functions, then it can be a risky decision for you. On the other hand, if you are buying it on the basis of functions, keeping in mind your budget and your necessities, then it would prove to be a blessing in disguise kinda thing like you are considering high price trouble but its functions will save you. Buy once but buy good rule will help you save its maintenance cost and you’ll get a high quality, well performance-based product as a blessing in return.

Now heading to the products will help you to create a more clear picture of the best cb antenna for 18 wheeler.

List Of Top 7 Best CB Antenna For 18 Wheeler

1.Tram Amateur Dual Band Hi-Gain Hi-Power Magnet Antenna (11861): The Best magnetic mount CB antenna:

Tram Amateur Dual Band Hi-Gain Hi-Power Magnet Antenna (11861)


Dimensions37.5 x 6 x 3.75 inches
Weight1.40 lbs, pounds
Power ratio2.4Dbd(Decibels) gain on 144mhz-148mhz, 1/2 wave 5Dbd(Decibels) gain on 440mhz-450mhz, 5/8 over 5/8 wave
Height37 inch
MaterialQuality 1-piece coil & 3 1/2 inch Magnet housing
Voltage\power rating180Watts


It is one of the best magnetic mount cb antenna. It doesn’t work on the battery. It has a jet-black color non-corrosive,chrome-plated stainless steel material. It has a dual-band hi-gain antenna that can conduct and receive signals with two frequency ranges of 144-148MHz and 440-450MHz. It has a maximum gain capacity of 5 Decibels.

It also has a shock absorber capacity that absorbs all the shocks coming during the trip and provides clear radio frequency whether you are in mountains or village areas. It has a long 15 feet cable that provides a smooth PL-259 plug into the energy source. It can be called as the best cb antenna for dump truck.

  • Durable
  • Dual-band hi-gain antenna
  • Hi-power magnet
  • Long cord
  • Amazing frequency range
  • Stainless steel material
  • Absorb shocks
  • Mounting hardware is a little bit inconsistent

2.  LUITON CB Antenna 28 inch for CB radio 27 MHz: Best center loaded cb antenna

 LUITON CB Antenna 28 inch for CB radio 27 MHz:


Impedance50 Ohm
Weight1.2 pounds
Dimensions16 x 3.9 x 1.3 inches
TypeCenter loaded cb antenna
Frequency27 MHz


This antenna is a long antenna that is 28 inches long for covering long distances frequencies and receiving signals. It also performs dual function just like Tram Amateur. It has a pre-installed long 10ft cable and this CB antenna is called a center loaded CB antenna as its coil is placed just above the center of the base and the base is covered with magnetic material.

The rest of the part of the antennae is a long whip that can be folded in when not in use. It is suitable for all types of channels and covers all frequencies.

  • Long corded
  • Magnetic mount
  • Centre Loaded
  • Cover all CB radio channels
  • Quality material
  • Long warranty
  • Risk of damage due to its long height

3. Hustler SCB  White Truck CB Radio Antennas: The Best cb antenna for 18 wheelers

 Hustler SCB  White Truck CB Radio Antennas: The Best cb antenna for 18 wheelers


TypeMobile CB antenna
MaterialHigh-Grade stainless steel
Weight1.45 pounds
Height46 inches


This is the Best CB base antenna. It has a coil made up of high-grade stainless steel coil consisting of an ideal length that provides a wide range of channel reach and can cover nearly 120 channels at 1000 watts. The length of the antenna is nearly 35 inches long so that it quickly picks up the signal and matches its frequency perfectly.

The stainless steel material assists in shock-absorbing purposes also. It has a bandwidth of 250-400kHz and it has a whip whose size can be adjusted easily. It provides us information about weather forecasts. Its long cable provides flexibility to its connection. The shaft is made up of stainless steel and also the spring that is present above the coil, everything is nearly made up of stainless steel.

  • Wide channel range
  • Stainless steel material
  • Amazing Bandwidth
  • Shock absorbing ability
  • Weather forecast
  • Adjustable whip
  • Center loaded
  • Prone to damage

 4. WILSON 305550-5 5000-Watt Trucker Antenna

 WILSON 305550-5 5000-Watt Trucker Antenna


MaterialHigh-Grade Thermoplastic
Antenna Length52 inch
Dimensions3.04 x 4.25 x 50.63 inches
Weight1.8 pound


It is the best CB base antenna that has a 17-7 SS whip that is weather channel ready and is made up of high-grade thermoplastic material that provides protection from all kinds of weather conditions. Due to its thermoplastic material, the antenna becomes resistant to cool weather and it doesn’t freeze and provides accurate radio frequencies even when the weather is bad.

It works accurately at 5000W power and would prove to be a Blessing for you. With its removable whip, you can place it anywhere when not in use to protect it from damages. The wire of the coil is made up of silver-plated solid copper. Its Bandwidth is 200 and it has a long 10ft shaft that assists in better coverage of weather forecasts channels.

  • Removable Whip
  • Weather forecasts
  • Thermoplastic Material
  • Best base loaded mobile antenna
  • Less range than others
  • A little bit expensive

5. WILSON 305-38 300-Watt Little Wil Magnet Mount Antenna

 WILSON 305-38 300-Watt Little Wil Magnet Mount Antenna


 Coil MaterialHeavy-Duty Coil Uses 14-Gauge Copper Wire  
Voltage300 Watts Power Handling Capability (ICAS)  
Whip material36″ 17-7 PH Stainless Steel Whip Base Load Antenna  
Weight2 pounds
Dimensions5 x 6 x 37.5 inches


This CB antenna stands among one of the Best CB antenna for dump truck because of its incredible features whose charm and functionality can not be ignored. The first feature that makes it stand out is its amazing functionality that comes with a small size. Usually, copper wire antennas are small in size and you know that small size antennas can’t capture the signal from far away distances and that is the feature that makes it a whole different from other copper made CB antennas.

Although their size is small they have an amazing length that helps to capture stronger signals with better strength. This truck CB antenna mount has magnetic material of 10 Oz that helps it to stick firmly to its place. So, even in bad weather conditions, it doesn’t lose its cohesiveness. Its high-grade thermoplastic helps it to withstand harsh conditions and the whip is made up of stainless steel that can’t be broken easily.

It has a rubber protective covering that keeps it safe from getting scratches. These amazing traits make it one of the best cb antenna for 18 wheeler that is worth spending money on.Its the best low profile cb antenna having a small size but incredible features.

  • Strong magnetic mount
  • 14-gauge copper wire catches better signals
  • Rubber protective covering prevents scratches
  • Thermoplastic material increase its life
  • Small size, better signal strength
  • Stainless steel whip
  • Expensive
  • Stainless steel can be rusted

6. Wilson 305-492 T2000 Series Black Mobile CB Trucker Antenna

 Wilson 305-492 T2000 Series Black Mobile CB Trucker Antenna
Frequency range26 MHz -30 MHz
Material of coilHigh impact thermoplastic
Dimensions2.5 x 4 x 51 inches
Weight1.07 pounds
Voltage3500 Watts

This center-loaded CB antenna has a 5-inch shaft and 49-inch long whip that seems quite impressive in length to capture strong signals. It works amazingly at 3500 watts and its thermoplastic material helps in protection and can measure frequencies from 26MHz to 36MHz.

It gets its stronger reinforcement to the shaft with the help of ⅜ inch x 24 chromed brass ferrule.

  • Thermoplastic material provides durability
  • Impressive signal strength
  • Wide frequency range
  • Reinforcement through the chromed brass ferrule.
  • Steel can be rusted

7. Solarcon – IMAX-2000 CB/Ham Radio Base Station Vertical Antenna

Solarcon - IMAX-2000 CB/Ham Radio Base Station Vertical Antenna


Dimensions96.5 x 5.9 x 4 inches
Weight6 pounds
Wavelength5/8 wave Antenna
Height24 feet


It is a top loaded CB antenna made up of fiberglass having the highest gain of IMAX 2000. It can endure 5000 watts of power and its 24 feet tall antenna makes it enable to catch better signals and develop clear communication between you and the radio station. It has a bandwidth of 3000MHz which is huge and covers upper and lower channels broadcasting of CB base stations.

They are wrapped around in an insulator and can be insulated up to 14,500 volts. They have 5.1 dBi gain and can withstand stormy winds at the rate of 100 MPH. You can mount it on any higher place and at least about 1/2should be above the rooftop to get better signals.

  • Top Loaded CB antenna
  • Higher bandwidth
  • Budget-friendly
  • Sensitive
  • A little bit expensive


After getting all this crucial information, TRAM amateur is concluded to be the best CB antenna for 18 wheeler.

According to resistance, durability, economic value, quality of sound, frequency of signals its the savior and if you are looking for a small size CB antenna having amazing features then WILSON 305-38-300 will prove to be a show-stealer kinda antenna for you. Both of the truck CB antenna mount are highly magnetic and provide amazing firmness and adhesiveness to them.

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