Top 7 Best Electric Heater For Travel Trailer –Amazing Guide 2021

Best Electric Heater For Travel Trailer

Are you also a traveling freak and can’t waste your winter being enclosed in a house and you love to do camping on the roadsides and mountains and want to enjoy every moment. The snowfall, chill winds, and beauty of winter nights just blow you away. You stuff many warm clothes and prepare food and everything you will need on your way. Your travel trailer is ready to go but wait a minute!

Are you forgetting something? Something really important that can prove to be a savior of yours…What if the warm clothes wouldn’t be enough to maintain your body heat and you will definitely need something that would insulate you against the chill winds and will keep you warm even in heavy snowfall. You will need a trailer heater that will keep you warm and you can enjoy the snowfall at the same time while looking outside from the window of your travel trailer.

Buying Guide To Buy Best Electric Heater For Travel Trailer:

Before buying a trailer heater you will go through every detail of it because you don’t want to compromise on buying the best one, Right? There are a number of heaters having different features and you can choose them according to your trailer. We are here to help you out to buy the best electric heater for travel trailer that will save your time and will provide you with enough information to buy the best product.

Here are some of the features that you should keep in mind before buying the best electric heater for travel trailer.

Small size and Portability:

If you are hunting for the best electric heater for camper trailer,you must have to keep the fact of portability in your mind.You are going on a road trip in winter and what type of heater would stand out to be the best heater for pop up camper. In your RV, you can’t get your heater fixed so you will definitely need a heater that is light in weight and portable that can be easily carried from one place to another. The Size should be feasible to keep it in a closet or to fit in a little space in a camping trailer as a trailer heater.

Adjustable Thermostat:

One of the main features of the best electric heater for travel trailer is that it has a flexible thermostat that can be adjusted between different temperatures and can be easily set just according to your need. So, let’s make your chill cold place into cozy comfort and perfect space for you.

Range of Heat:

The best electric heater for travel trailers has the ability to spread heat in a big space or room in a small size. There are many heaters that take time to get heated but then spread heat very well and warm up the whole room. So, just pick up the best one for you and enjoy your journey.

Safety Measures:

You can’t compromise on the safety of you and your loved ones’ right? Choose the heater that has the ability to alert you when overheated and has a safe cool handle that can be carried from one place to another without causing any damage. They must have an automatic shut-off ability in case of any accidental trip-overs or overheating. So that you can have a nap without being worried.

Save energy:

Try to buy a heater that doesn’t add pressure on you financially and you can enjoy your trip without being worried about the expenditure of energy bills.

There are heaters that run on electricity and there are heaters that run on propane, If you don’t have a stable electrical unit in your trailer then your preference should be a propane heater but if you don’t wanna use propane a lot then the electric heater will work for you.

Types of Best Electric Heater for travel trailer:

For electric heaters, you must have an electric connection to run those heaters. Electric heaters themselves are of several types. Here are the following types of electric space heaters.

  1. Infrared Heaters
  2. Ceramic Heaters
  3. Oil Heaters
  4. Convection Heaters
  5. Heat Pumps

After getting enough information about the types of heaters, You will need to know about products also. For your further assistance, we will help you buy the best electric heater for travel trailer.

Top 7 Best Electric Heater For Travel Trailer:

1.Lasko CD09250 Ceramic Adjustable Thermostat

Lasko CD09250 Ceramic Adjustable Thermostat


Weight3.5 pounds
Dimensions LxWxH5.7 x 3.7 x 9 inches
Control TypeManual Controls
Height9 inches


Lasko space heater is proved to be one of the best heater for pop up camper. Due to its small size, it can be easily carried everywhere. Its ceramic material with a fan allows it to spread quality heat all over the trailer. It drives 1500 watt warmth your way.

It has an adjustable thermostat that enables us to have 11 different settings of temperature and has 3 manual buttons that allow you to adjust its settings from high heat to low heat or just fan. It has built-in safety features that prevent overheating and furthermore safety features include cool-touch housing and ceramic material that is self-regulating.

  • Warms up a room quickly
  • Size is small and you can place it anywhere
  • It doesn’t produce noise.
  • It doesn’t overheat
  • Built-in safety
  • Adjustable thermostat
  • Doesn’t have an oscillation feature.
  • Have to adjust every time manually.

2 .Lasko 755320 Ceramic Space Heater

Lasko 755320 Ceramic Space Heater


Weight8 pounds
Dimensions LxWxH7.25 x8.6 x23 inches
Electric supply and power source1500 watts, corded electric
Control TypeDigital


 If you are in search of the best heater for RV boondocking then Lasko 755320 has every feature that you are looking for. It has a powerful and effective heating system and with its power oscillation it heats up your room in just 15 minutes. It has a fan that is used to remove heat from the outside. It can heat up your room for up to 8 hours.

It has three manual buttons that allow you to adjust the heat and an adjustable thermostat helps you to adjust the temperature of your own ease. It uses 1500 watts of power and is portable. The coolest feature that makes it stand out among the best heater for RV boondocking is its remote control feature.

You can control it at the comfort of your sofa and it doesn’t matter it is your office, home, or travel trailer it is just a savior of yours. You just need to provide an electric supply, adjust the thermostat and enjoy the cozy night of winter.

  • Remote Control
  • Heat up quickly
  • Covers less space
  • Built-in security feature
  • Fan to remove heat quickly
  • Dangerous to touch after heating
  • Doesn’t turn off if falls and can cause damage to the floor
  • Can’t spread heat in larger spaces

3. De’Longhi Oil Filled Radiator Space Heater

De’Longhi Oil Filled Radiator Space Heater


ColorComfort Temp, Light Grey, Ew7707cm
Weight23.2 pounds
DimensionsLxWxH5.9 x 13.78 x24.9 inches
Voltage1500 Watts
Control TypeButtons


This oil-filled space heater is also an electric camping heater that works on energy saving principle. You can adjust the temperature with an adjustable thermostat and save your electricity bill. It would be hard to carry but no need to worry, With its small pre-assembled wheels you can move it easily from one place to another so you don’t need to carry it, it will walk for you.

There is no need to refill the oil tank again and again as the oil tank is permanently sealed. So, no need to worry about maintenance and your bills. Just turn on the best electric camping heater and enjoy your camping. It has a built-in safety feature and it is the pet safe space heater as it is very safe for a home where kids and pets are present.

  • Save Energy
  • Pre-Assembles wheels
  • Adjustable Thermostat
  • Long-lasting heat
  • Durable Warranty
  • Works quietly
  • No need for maintenance
  • Heavy to carry
  • Slow to warm
  • Not suitable for large places

4. Mr.Heater F232000 Buddy 4000-9000-BTU

Mr.Heater F232000 Buddy 4000-9000-BTU


Power SourcePropane
Dimensions LxWxH7.7 x 13.4 x 15 inches
Weight9 pounds
MaterialSteel, Nickel, Plastic


It is a propane heater that works efficiently and lies in the category of warm living heaters. It is designed to heat large rooms and spaces up to 225 square feet. It is 100 percent efficient and easy to control. You just have to rotate the knob and press the manual button and then the integrated piezo sparking mechanism will do the rest of the job.

On 25lb, it can work for more than 110 hours easily if connected to a propane tank having an optional hose otherwise it can easily run for 3 hours straight. It is a safely enclosed trailer heater due to its Oxygen Depletion Sensor(ODC).

It has an automatic shut down feature that helps to shut it off in case of accidental tip-overs. It will work great for your campings and would prove to be the best traveling partner.

  • Fold-down handle
  • Heat up large spaces
  • Oxygen Depletion Sensor
  • Able to shut off automatically
  • Certified safe warm living heaters
  • User Friendly
  • Light Weight
  • The best battery-powered tent heater
  • Limited warranty of 1 Year
  • Requires propane for working
  • Shut down at sea level above 7000 feet
  • Need to detach propane tank if not in use otherwise it’ll get leaked out

5. Comfort Zone CZ707

 Comfort Zone CZ707


BrandComfort Zone
Dimensions LxWxH8×6.1×7 inches
Weight3.17 pounds
Voltage1500 Watts
Heating MethodFan or forced air


It is also an electric camping heater that works efficiently on 1500 Watt energy. Its best thing is that it is small-sized but provides heat to a long-distance whether is a big room, your garage or you wanna make it an enclosed trailer heater. The 3 adjustable settings allow you to choose the high and low heat mode and the third one with a fan-only setting that turns off the need of all the other appliances require for cooling.

You can easily control the temperature just according to your need with its rotary and moveable thermostat. The most impressive feature is its power and lights that are caution indicator that immediately informs you if it is overheated.

Other features include a tip-over switch and overheating protection sensor that adds quality to its safety make it one of the best electric heater for travel trailer. It is housed with stay-cool metal so that we can easily carry it holding in hand from one place to another.

  • Portable
  • Movable Thermostat
  • Safety sensors
  • Stay-cool metal handle
  • Save energy Bills
  • Drain power quickly
  • Not suitable for tents
  • Not truly portable

6. Honeywell HCE100B Heat Bud Ceramic Heater

Honeywell HCE100B Heat Bud Ceramic Heater


Dimensions LxWxH5 x 4 x 7.75 inches
Weight1.05 pounds
Voltage250 Watts


Honeywell space heater is one of the best low wattage heaters that require only 250 watts of energy to work efficiently. Its ceramic material help to spread heat quickly. It has safe cool-touch housing to provide you with a safe touch and has a built-in feature to prevent overheating.

It has controls for adjusting temperature and one control button proves to be the best package of user-friendly, secure, portable, and low wattage heaters.

  • Portable
  • Low voltage
  • Secure
  • User-friendly
  • Covers less space
  • Takes some time to get heated

7. BOVADO USA portable 166648 Ceramic Space Heater

BOVADO USA portable 166648 Ceramic Space Heater


Dimensions LxWxH10x6x6 inches
Weight3.74 pounds
Heating MethodCeramic, Fan, Forced Air


This space heater is also the safest pet safe space heater. Just move the dial to high or low temperature or fan-only, works on positive temperature coefficient( PTC) phenomenon having ceramic material that spreads heat very finely and efficiently.

A little red light shows that the device is turned ON. It is a certified safe space heater and would be the best heater for camper trailer.

  • Save energy
  • Portable
  • Certified safe space heater
  • Easy to control
  • Safe to touch
  • Long power cord
  • Suitable for small places
  • It can overheat quickly


If you are looking for the best electric heater for travel trailer, that has the best range, best price, best security system, durable and portable, then Mr.Heater F232000 is all that you will need in your RV. It delivers great value to its customers, it is durable, can heat up a larger space, easy to control, and easy to carry.

Wish you a cozy, comfy, warm and peaceful journey ♨️🌇

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