Best Living Room Chair for Back Pain Sufferers – Amazing Review 2021

best living room chair for back pain sufferers

If you are a person who feels back pain after doing daily routine tasks, then you may know how important it is to find furniture for back pain sufferers. Back pain is a prevalent issue in today’s world. People used to work long hours, and their back muscles feel the pressure. That is the reason best living room chair for back pain sufferers is the need of the time.

Back pain is quite a normal thing if you work for long hours without proper rest. Causes of this pain may include improper sitting posture, pressure on the spinal cord, and restlessness. If you are the one, you must look at the best living room chairs for lower back pain.

To keep back well and stable, correct posture is most important. So, here the best chair for back pain relief came handy. It is a significant issue to take a relaxing break in a busy routine, but the case can resolve the best recliner for back pain sufferers. You can relax in the office or living room in the middle of the day.

If you don’t like a simple sofa and are looking for the best sofa for lower back pain, you must check the list below.

According to recent, verified research, over 80 percent of people will get back pain in their lifetime.people believe that instead of taking medicines, it is wiser to look for the best sitting chair for back health. So, You should not compromise on health on any aspect of life.

There are many lumbar support living room chairs for both home and office use. In this article, we have concluded the best living room chairs for back pain.

Most people say that doctors suggest medicine for this problem, but the medication could reduce pain for a limited time. The pain in your back is because of using the wrong chairs during work and a lot of work. Science discovers chairs for the removal of back pain, which is much better than medicine. These chairs are also known as the most comfortable chairs as the material used in these chairs is always good enough to feel you a high comfort level. 

Although you can not always depend on medicine if work is your daily routine, so taking daily medication to relieve the pain is not suitable for your health. That is why back pain removal chairs are an excellent option for that problem.

Now the question is, what is the best chair for back pain? The answer is simple: you have to keep in mind some things while buying a chair. The chair should be ergonomic, which will not affect your natural curve of bones in the back. You can easily open your legs like in sleep. The chair’s foam should be so comfortable that you don’t feel tired after one or two hours of sitting.

The back of the chair should be high enough that your head can easily adjust to it. The chair’s arms for back pain should be long enough so you can place your whole arm on it, and it should not be so hard. Moreover, a best back pain relief chair should be in a suitable material that could be easily clean, and its color should match with your living room color, so it never looks so different.

List Of Top 10 Best Living Room Chair for Back Pain Sufferers

1- CANMOV – Elizabeth Recliner with Tufted Back

CANMOV – Elizabeth Recliner
Frame MaterialAlloy Steel

If you are seriously concerned about your health, then you landed in the right place. Elizabeth Recliner with Tufted Back is a perfect chair for back pain sufferers placed in the lounge. This chair not only provides your back a level of comfort but also enhances the beauty of the room.

The dimensions of this ergonomic reading chair are 28.7 width X 39.8 height with a diameter of 27.4. With the expansion of the front foot, it becomes a comfortable chair for watching TV. It not only supports the relieving of back pain but also raises the comfort of feet.We are confident about the uniqueness, design, and durability of this best lounge chair for a bad back.

The expanded length of 62.2 inches and a seat height of 20.5 inches make it remarkable. The bearing weight capacity is 300 pounds, which means it is suitable for lounge use. It provides your best posture and keeps back pain away so-called best living room chair for back pain sufferers. Durable steel is used to make the interior, which increases the lifespan of the chair. If we say, it comes in the category of living room chairs with lumbar support.

  • Remarkable design
  • Best size chair for home use
  • Reduce back pain
  • Best sitting chair for back aches
  • Sturdy legs
  • Best TV chairs for adults
  • Little expensive
  • Need to clean regularly due to light color.
  • Not good for weight above 300 pound.

2- Esright Massage Recliner Chair Heated PU Leather Ergonomic Lounge 360 Degree Swivel

best living room chair for back pain sufferers
MaterialLeather, Textile
FeaturesHeat and Massage Function
ColorPu Leather/Black,Fabric/Grey, 
Frame MaterialIron
Item Weight92.6 pounds
DepartmentEsright Seating

To get rid of the classic massage recliner chair and to give comfort to your body by relieving back pain, this is the best chair for you. This chair also has a new feature of massage. It contains a vibrator in it, which is for massage. A complete body massage by the vibrator can relieve your back pain and other body parts. 

The Other useful feature of this chair is its reclining function. You can smoothly recline the chair as much as you want. The swivel can also help you in the rotation of the chair, which is 360. On the armrest and back, it is having a thick layer of sponge that provides double comfort. The sponge is so soft and reliable that your body will never feel discomfort for just a second. This best living room chair for back pain sufferers is one of the famous and mostly used chairs.

Surprisingly, this chair has a magazine holder and two cup holders. You can easily enjoy the newspaper or watch Tv while sitting on the best chair for back pain. The remote control message controller is a good option with two intensity levels and five modes of the chair, and you can also recline it up to 140 degrees smoothly. It also has a manual option for controlling.

Adjustment and fitting of this chair need no external material or any screw. Straightforward instruction is with a chair in a dictionary form. In short, this is best chair for a bad back.

  • Easy to use
  • So Comfortable
  • Safe and Easy Delivery
  • Force to close leg rest

3- Artist Hand – Electric Power Lift Living Room Sofa Chair

Artist Hand – Electric Power
Frame MaterialWood
StyleArtist Hand

This is the most comfortable chair for back pain as it runs with electric power. It is specially designed for older people and also for people with movement or mobility issues. It is a durable and leading wing back chair with lumbar support. The stable structure makes it unique, and some users recommend it.

A piece of fine quality fabric with a high-quality sponge is used to make the chair’s exterior, which increases comfortability. It includes different five modes of vibration for massage and 8 point node functions. Functions have increased, minimize, press, auto, and standard methods.You can set the level of vibration function from high to low. The heating system is also present in this therapist lounge chair, providing heat up to 60 °C.

You can keep snacks or books on both sides of the chair. It provides all essential comfort that a person needs in the best living room chair for back pain sufferers. There is also a place for the cup holding on both armrest’s front, eliminating the tension of grabbing a cup from the table. The best thing in this best lounge chair for low back pain is the presence of charging ports. You can set your mobile and small device while watching TV.

  • Easy to start
  • Fitted electric power
  • 5 different modes of massage
  • Space for cup holders and 2 storage bags
  • Charging port for small devices
  • Good for adults
  • Installed heating system
  • Very comfortable
  • Little expensive
  • Difficult to assemble parts

4- Full Body Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner with Built-in Heat

Full Body Electric Shiatsu
MaterialLeather & Suede
Product Dimensions55 x 42 x 35 inches
ColorBlack Imitation Leather, Cognac Premium Leather
Item Weight300 pounds

The Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair is a fully adjustable massage and pain relief machine. You can easily manage the speed, direction, width of the chair, and legs length. Every function has its levels like an air message has four dimensions, control has three levels. You can easily fit in this chair. It is straightforward to use and work user friendly.This is one of the best living room chair for back pain sufferers.

The Air massage, which is known as the best massage, is done using this chair by heat therapy. 21 Airbags are for full body massage, including shoulders. This full-body massage will give your blood circulatory system easy recovery. This chair gives you an extreme level of comfort, and you will forget your pain. 

Another feature of this chair is that it can automatically guess your body size, so you do not need to use it manually. This is the only reason you can consider this living room chair with lumbar support.

The best back pain relief chair has seven massage modes, which include stretching, kneading, combo, tapping, air pressure, shiatsu, and heating. The brand gives a guarantee of 100% satisfaction to its users. Must buy this comfortable chair for back pain sufferers.

  • 100% refund!
  • Expensive

5- Gasgff – Simple Leisure Back Recliner

Gasgff – Simple Leisure
Frame MaterialRecliner
StyleArtist Hand
DepartmentGasgff Shop

Considering a sofa with excellent back support, Gasgff’s Simple leisure back recliner is the best option. The sofa comes with a great ottomans pair. This remarkable mlf lounge chair & ottoman can be cleaned and washed easily and is stain proof.

It can be placed anywhere in the room as it covers a small space. You can place this best living room chair for back pain sufferers on the terrace, bedroom, or living room. It comes with a stuffing cushion made of the most delicate fabrics to relieve pain. You will not get fed up from this comfortable chair because of the material used.

It comes with solid wooden legs with a non-slipping mat at the bottom, maintaining stability and protecting the floor from scratches. It is one of the comfortable living room chairs for bad backs.

The lumbar support of this chair keeps the lower back muscle relax. A reclined chair with lumbar support is the most demanding product in the market. It would be best if you assembled the chair upon the package’s arrival, which is quite an easy process.

  • Beautiful design
  • Cleanable fabric used
  • Comfortable Ottoman
  • Easy to assemble
  • Durable
  • Perfect for terrace and living room
  • Non-adjustable back

6- (Professional choice): Human Touch Perfect Chair “PC-420” Better-Than-Leather

Human Touch Perfect Chair
Product Dimensions43 x 31 x 47 inches
ColorBlack Imitation Leather, Cognac Premium Leather
BrandHuman Touch
Item Weight145 pounds
Furniture FinishWalnut

This wide range featured Human Touchback pain chair is specially designed for the removal of pain. Its design is so unique that it distributes the body’s weight in different parts of the chair. So the weight on the back can be reduced, which finishes the back pain and provides you comfort. You can also use this as office chair for back pain sufferer. The chair’s end is such that the chest increases the width that gives ample space to the lungs. It makes beating possess easy and gives you a good feel and comfort.

This living room chair for back pain sufferers is of polyurethane material, which is like leather. The triple-stitch patterns eco-friendly chair is so beautiful in its look. It’s not like other simple chairs. It has a unique style and looks. 

An Amazing thing which it has is its wood. Its wood is the most substantial wood (rubber tree), and the total chair is hand made because this is best living room chair for back pain sufferers. Perfect Chair PC-420 Classic Manual Plus has a zero-gravity feature, which makes the body so relaxed. Physicians suggest using this type of chair to reduce your stress because it makes the whole body weightless. Hand-Stained Solid Wood Base provides your hands a perfect position, so arms never get tired. Must buy this type of low back living room chairs, so the problem reduces, which reduces your stress, and your health will be perfect.

  • Adjustable, High-Density Lumbar Support
  • Zero-Gravity Immersion
  • Customizable Options
  • Expensive

7- MAC Motion Chairs 52-32-103

MAC Motion Chairs
MaterialTop Grain Leather
ColorCobblestone (Tan)
Frame MaterialRecliner
DepartmentMac Motion Chairs

If you are looking for an Oslo mac motion recliner for tailbone pain, then this is a perfect match for you. It is a build-up of fine grain leather, making it the best living room chair for back pain sufferers. Good quality of memory foam is used to give a benevolent look. It is an excellent pain reliever and a great source of comfort.It comes with an excellently designed ottoman, which nominates it as the best living room chair for lower back and hip pain.

A wooden panel is linked with this best recliner for back pain sufferers, which helps in a round movement. You can also use MAC Motion Chairs 52-32-103 for computer use.

It is a controlled adjustable chair to give good posture and relieve back pain. It is especially for those who seek furniture for back pain sufferers. It comes with a wooden panel with a carved wooden stand, which gives the beautiful and sturdy look.

  • Amazing memory foaming seat
  • Made of grain leather
  • Most comfortable chair for reading
  • Sturdy look
  • Good choice for adults
  • Little expensive
  • Non breathable fabric is used

8- Signature Design by Ashley – Olsberg Traditional Pull Tab Rocker Recliner

Product Dimensions40 x 43 x 40 inches
ColorSteel Gray
BrandAshley Furniture
Item Weight141 pounds
Seat Height21 Inches

Suppose you are looking for unmatched lumbar support, Pain relief, traditional rolled arms, and a best recliner for lower back pain. Then we suggest you for Signature Design by Ashley chair, which fulfills all your requirements. 

Enjoy the comfort of old traditions with today’s facility. It has high-flexibility foam cushions wrapped in a chair that is in a steel grey color. It gives a furnished look and a mental peace by its look. Whenever you are tired from your whole day work, this chair can provide you a great comfort zone. It will reduce the back pain by its extensible features. The soft foam is on the whole chair so that the entire body will be on this soft foam. These are special chairs for back problems.

It comes in generous sizes of Dimensions  40 x 43 x 40 inches with a height of 21 inches, which is the right height for any person. Only one screwdriver is required to install the best living room chair for back pain sufferers. After that, you can enjoy the comfort of the chair easily. 

Moreover, The delivery of this best chair is also in safe hands. Ashley Furniture packs it carefully and delivers it at your door safely.


  • Very Comfortable
  • Very fast delivery for a piece of furniture

9- Ergohuman LE9ERG Office Chair

Ergohuman LE9ERG
MaterialTop grain leather
Frame MaterialLeather
BrandEurotech Seating
Item model numberLE9ERG
DepartmentEurotech Seating

The most demanding best living room chair for lower back pain is Ergohuman LE9ERG. The lower lumbar region’s design is awe-inspiring, which provides naturally upper backrest. For the backrest, lumbar support is the first essential part.

The LE9ERG is very adjustable, and you can adjust the height as per your requirements. It allows you to move lumbar support to your back. Design is in such a way that you can also change the depth based on your weight. Moreover, the LE9ERG is flexible, and you can move and twist this ergonomic living room chair.

If you are addicted to lean while working, the LE9ERG’s support adjusts itself with the movement. It is all leather version chairs whose features are especially for backrest by including a padded seat. If you are looking for lumbar support living room chairs, then you are in the right place. The material of the Ergohuman chair is 97 percent recyclable. The assembling of this fantastic chair may take 10-20 minutes only depending upon the skill level. Tools that are required to assemble the chair adds with the package.

Warranty of 5 years on foam and lifetime warranty on parts like armrests and mechanisms are available. The seat pad is very soft, and you will feel like you are sinking in the chair but still provide you excellent lumbar support.

Ergohuman LE9ERG has many handles that perform functions like chair tilting and seat height and depth adjustment.

  • Full body support
  • Multiple tilting positions and lumbar support
  • Breathable material
  • Modern and sleek design
  • 97 percent recyclable material
  • It lacks the ability of full reclining
  • Mesh material can be sticky sometime
  • It is expensive

10- Flash Furniture BT-7862-BK-GG Contemporary Black LeatherSoft

Flash Furniture BT-7862-BK-GG
Product Dimensions39 x 27.25 x 37.5 inches
MaterialFoam, Polyurethane, Leather, Metal
BrandFlash Furniture
Item Weight38 Pounds

When you are so tired of the whole day’s work and feel so much pain on your back, you need to relax. So for that relaxation and pain relief, we recommend you Flash Furniture BT-7862-BK-GG best chair for back pain. It will give you a fresh feel, and your body will be weightless, and your muscles will feel relaxed. With lumbar support and doubled polyurethane, stuff can finish your pain in seconds. As we know, office chairs are not much comfortable, so the Flash furniture brand design this chair according to users’ requirements. 

While reclining, the armrest provides good support. The ottoman with the same foam provides your legs with comfort to easily place your legs on it. The chair has two livers, one for up and down, and the second is for forward and back so you can easily adjust it with your own will.It is consider as best chair for lower back and hip pain.

Flash Furniture is not only for home furniture, but also it delivers its products for office use and marketplaces shopping malls. So I must buy from this brand because of its fame and enjoy the right product.

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  • Recliner and ottoman
  • Knob Adjusting Recliner
  • Plush Arms
  • Spot Clean with Damp Cloth


There is a common issue of back pain nowadays. Everyone is looking for the best living room chair for back pain sufferers. This one reason is enough why you should read the detailed version of these searches. Back pain can attack at any age and mostly capture office working persons. You can get the desired best chairs for back pain under the best budget. We have presented you with the best comfortable chairs that can be used in the terrace and lounge. Our experts have concluded lounge chairs for bad backs, so you do not need to worry about searching.

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