Top 8 Best Staple Gun For Upholstery –Amazing Guide 2021

Best Staple Gun For Upholstery

Staple guns have become the need of every house because of their versatility. The best staple gun for upholstery is needed by children to make their school projects, by parents to mend their sofa or any kind of furniture on their own, and to fix carpets on the walls or floors. So, it is of great use, right?

Now you are looking for genuine advice to buy one of the best Upholstery staple guns, then here we are to help you choose the right one for your home.

First of all, do a little bit of scanning on its basic features of staple guns for upholstery that we have mentioned below and then move towards products to get a clear picture of exactly what kind of stapler you want, at the end of this article you would be sure about your match.

Buying Guide About The Best Staple Gun For Upholstery


Go for the gun that gives you a comfortable grip on it. There are many ergonomic designs on-trend so you can pick one of them or if your hand is very sweaty then you can choose one with a rubber covering on the handle.


If you are comfortable with an electric staple gun for upholstery then go for it or there are other options like manual and pneumatic staplers, you can also check them out and buy one according to your requirements.


No one wants a gadget that stops working after a few weeks. So we have compiled all the durable products you can check them out and choose one that suits you the best.


Make sure that the staple gun for upholstery has enough power to work smoothly on the wood you are working on.


Try to choose the ergonomic and comfortable gun, so if you are working on a big project then your wrist will not hurt for a long time or you can choose the light one if you are simply gonna use it for DIYs or other mini tasks.

Here is a list of the 8 best staple guns for upholstery, so let’s check them out.

List Of Top 8 Best Staple Gun For Upholstery

PORTER-CABLE Upholstery Stapler, C-Crown, 1/4-Inch to 5/8-Inch, 22GA (US58)

PORTER-CABLE Upholstery Stapler


MaterialAlloy steel
Operation modeManual
Dimensions14 x 10.5 x 3.25 inches
Weight1.7 Pounds


PORTER-CABLE staple gun for upholstery is a wonderful tool to bring your torn chairs back to life. Moving towards its features, it uses 22 gauge ⅜ inch crown staples that vary in length from ¼ inch to ⅝ inches. It has made it extremely lightweight for easy holding of the gun and when you will hold it easily and due to its user-friendly nature, it will generate utmost efficient results.

For reaching hard-to-reach areas for neat and fine upholstery it has an extension of 1 inch that can easily enter the tight spots and will do its job. What is the meaning of the best staple gun for upholstery if it is not durable? Right? So, to bring about durability it has a steel cap on the top that brings a solid finish to its surface.

The rear exhaust tool channel keeps the moisture away and tools oil. It has a heavy-duty bottom load magazine that can accommodate 185 staples at a time and to easily clear jams from the magazine the driver guide moves back effortlessly. The staple gun requires the air pressure PSI from 70-120 to work as the best heavy-duty staple gun.

  • Lightweight
  • Heavy duty
  • Superb power
  • Quality staples
  • It needs an air compressor to work, so you would have to buy it separately
  • It makes a lot of noise

YEAHOME 4-in-1 Upholstery Staple Gun

best staple gun for upholstery


MaterialAlloy steel
Operation modeManual
Capacity descriptionFull strip
Weight2.4 pounds
Dimensions9.6 x 6.6 x 1.4 inches


This is the best staple gun for upholstery in the way that it is very affordable yet powerful along with a kit containing four thousand 4000 staples of four different types. 1000 pieces of each shape including D-shaped, T-shaped, U-shaped, and pin staples.

If you have got a final project of crafting, DIYs, decor, and roofing then pin brad nails are all that you can use in multiple applications. To bring about durability that is the basic feature of the best manual gun for upholstery, it is made up of chromium-steel construction and at the end, chromium finish to keep it running for a long time.

You can easily adjust the pressure between low and high with the screw lever just according to the project you are working on. Maybe it requires high energy or low energy, it all depends on you. To load it skillfully, it has a bottom load design in combination with a steel magazine for effortless loading.

  • Multi-functional
  • Affordable
  • Amazing tool kit with 4000 staples
  • It works at a slow speed because it is a manual machine

KeLDE Electric Staple Gun

KeLDE Electric Staple Gun


ColorGrey and red
Weight1.95 pounds
Dimensions9.76 x 7.17 x 1.81 inches


KeLDE is a mini, extremely lightweight versatile electric upholstery staple gun specially designed ergonomically so that women and even children can hold it firmly for their use in school or college projects.

Keeping in mind the safety of the user this electric staple gun for upholstery has a trigger lock that ensures that the trigger is released before stapling and locked when storing it so that to prevent unexpected firing that can be dangerous for everyone who is using it.

It comes with  900 pieces of staples with three sizes of 8mm,10mm, and 12mm along with 300 pieces of Brad’s nails each of 15mm. It has a firing speed rated as 30 pieces per minute suitable for every kind of upholstery work related to leathers, fabrics, foils, insulating materials, and much more.

  • Triple lock mechanism including on/off switch, trigger lock, and striker pin.
  • Versatile tool
  • Affordable
  • Startling tool kit with 3 types of nails and staples.
  • Not suitable for heavy tasks
  • Power is not that strong

REXBETI Staple Gun

REXBETI Staple Gun


MaterialCarbon steel,  metal, rubber
StyleStaple gun, case, remover
Operation modeManual
Capacity descriptionFull strip
Weight3.65 pounds
Dimensions12.8 x 11.46 x 2.05 inches


This is the best staple gun for upholstery due to its incredible features that make it a heavy-duty, solid upholstery tool. It comes with a strength adjustment bolt that allows you to work on different surfaces by adjusting its strength.

This manual machine comes with three different types of brad nails in its solid carrying case having 1000D-type, 800-T type, and 800-U type fasteners to help you in different purposes. It has a rubber handle that is soft to touch but provides a firm grip and a handle lock for your convenience. This best staple gun for upholstery has a thick carbon steel fabrication that makes it strong and durable.

  • Durable carbon steel construction
  • Multiple fasteners
  • Portable without any need of electricity
  • It can take a lot of your wrist and hands energy resulting in fatigue

Makita XTP02Z 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless 1-3/8″ Pin Nailer, 23 Gauge, Tool Only

Makita XTP02Z 18V LXT Lithium


Weight4.49 pounds
Dimensions3.39 x 11.42 x 9.21 inches
Gauge18, 20, 23
Warranty3 years


Makita is a staple gun for furniture upholstery with a refined mechanism that usually reduces the coil and force desired to drive the fasteners. It gets its versatility by its ability to fire nails or staples of 6 different lengths of 5/8″, 11/16″, 3/4″, 1″, 1-3/16″, and 1-3/8″ and of 23 gauge pin nails making it the best staple gun for upholstery.

It has a giant magazine capacity that can withstand 120 nails at a time. To prevent any damage on a surface of a project that you are working on or blank drives it has a safety tool called the Anti-Dry fire mechanism.

  • Cordless that brings portability
  • Works on 18V lithium-ion battery that get changed in very little time
  • LED for a better view
  • Ergonomic handle for a firm grip
  • Anti-Dry fire safety mechanism
  • Need to buy battery and charger separately

Surebonder 9600B Pneumatic Heavy Duty Standard T50 Type Stapler

Surebonder 9600B Pneumatic Heavy


Dimensions7.6 x 27.9 x 22.9 centimetres
Operation modeAutomatic
Weight1.44 Kilograms


This is considered to be the best pneumatic stapler for upholstery that brings about innovation in the list of best staple guns for upholstery. Its incredible features include an adjustable air exhaust, a rubber cushioned handle of ergonomic style so that you can hold it firmly without getting wrist or hand fatigues.

It has a quick load and quick releases magazine that does the work quite fastly saving both of your time and energy. It has the best size staples for upholstery ranges from ¼ inches to 9/16 inches in length and ¼ inch male quick release connector also.

A very helpful tool kit including a small bottle of tool oil, Allan wrench, high-impact carrying cases, and a guide to step-by-step instructions.

  • Built-in safety mechanisms
  • Works on air operated compressor
  • Lightweight
  • Fast action
  • Best size staples for upholstery
  • Rubber handle
  • The Air compressor needs to be bought separately
  • Staples get stuck

Hitachi N3804AB3 1/4″ Narrow Crown Stapler, 18 Gauge, ½-Inch to 1-1/2-Inch Staple Length

Hitachi N3804AB3 1/4" Narrow


BrandMetabo HPT
StyleHitachi N3804AB3
Operation modeAutomatic
Weight2.3 Pounds
Power sourceAir powered


This is also categorized as the best pneumatic stapler for upholstery is extremely lightweight having an ergonomic design with a simple flip actuation switch that tends to allow its easy transition from single actuation to contact actuation.

An elastomer grip trigger helps you to grasp it carefully and firmly. It has a nose that is super easy to clean providing a quick staple extraction should and staple jam. This best staple gun for upholstery has a 360 degrees adjustable exhaust that can be headed away from the user in any direction.

Air fitting is beautifully angled upward to keep the hose away from the project you are working on and the user. This handheld staple gun has a magazine that has the capacity to hold 100 staples at a time for utmost efficiency

  • Lightweight
  • Quick action
  • Elastomer grip trigger
  • Upward air fitting
  • There is no mar-tip present to prevent the work surface from denting or scarring
  • Depth control is not so efficient

BOSTITCH Upholstery Stapler/Tacker, Heavy Duty (T6-8)



Dimensions22.6 x 17.5 x 3.8 centimetres
Weight1 pounds
Operation modeManual


BOSTITCH is a manual staple gun for upholstery bringing one of the best staple gun your way. It comes with an extremely lightweight compact design that you can carry wherever you want to. Its T6-T8 powerful stapler gives it an amazing heavy-duty stapler with a phenomenal driving power that keeps it going through the hard-to-reach places very finely and conveniently.

Its easy-squeeze mechanism with a lightweight body makes it easy to handle along with a  steel handle with an over-molded rubber grip provides an amazing grip and keeps you working with it for a long time.

  • Affordable
  • Powerful
  • Lightweight die-cast aluminum design
  • Rubber handle for perfect grip
  • Fast loading
  • As this is also a manual stapler so a large amount of force can cause muscle fatigue.

Frequently asked questions:

1.Can I use staple guns to fix carpets?

Yes! The best staple gun for upholstery allows you to place and re-tack carpets back onto the floors. Staple guns also allow you to fix them on the walls in case you want to. Generally, people do this to make their rooms soundproof.

2.What is the purpose of a staple gun?

Staple guns are basically used for upholstery in case your sofa got torn apart and you wanna fix it, or you can use it in fabrics, carpets, wooden chairs, etc

3.Can I use staple guns on hard objects?

Staple guns are most used for stapling into soft materials and if you would use it on hard materials it may result in bent staples.


Staples are a very handy tool that you can keep at your home to fix things on your own. The best staple gun for upholstery with the most positive response is Makita is the one that is super powerful, super durable, ergonomic, safe with LED lights for your further assistance.

So, grab your favorite one, fix everything on your own and let your child rock the project.

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